The Product Details Screen

Clicking an icon, product name, or the Explore link for a Resource in the Catalog opens the Product Details screen for the selected Resource.


This screen contains the following tabs:

Clicking the Back arrow at the top of the Product Details screen or the Close button at the bottom of this screen closes the Product Details screen and returns you to the Catalog screen.


The About Tab

The About tab contains the following two sub-tabs:

  • Description
  • Contact Information


The Description Sub-Tab

In the Product Details screen, selecting About>Description opens the Description sub-tab for the selected Resource, which includes the following information and functions:

  • Description: Detailed description of the Resource, including the publisher and release date.
  • Screenshots & Tips: This section contains screenshots of the Resource (if available) and/or tips for using that Resource.
  • Marketing Collateral: This section contains links to PDF and other files containing additional marketing information about the selected Resource. Clicking one of these links opens the selected file as either a new browser tab/window or download, depending on the file type and your computer/browser settings.

The Contact Information Sub-Tab

In the Product Details screen, selecting About>Contact Information opens the Contact Information tab for the selected Resource, which includes contact information for the vendor who supplies the Resource.


 The Add to Resources Tab

For SSO and Provisioning Connectors only, in the Product Details screen, selecting The Add to Resources Tab  opens the Add to Resources  tab for the selected Resource.

This tab includes the following information and functions:

  • Pricing Models: This function allows you to activate the Resource for one or more of the site(s) in your hierarchy (see Architecture; opens a new article) on a per-site (per-Organization) basis. Clicking the Add Site button allows you to select the site(s) for which to activate the Resource. See SSOand Provisioning Connectors (opens a new article).

  • Terms of Service: You must check the I By adding this service to resources... checkbox in order to use the free trial of a paid Resource. The links in the disclaimer text open the respective documents when clicked.

  • Activate: Once you have selected the users or Organization(s) that can access the Resource and accepted the Terms of Use for the Resource, clicking the blue Activate button activates the free Resource for use.

See Activating Resources (opens a new article) for more information about activating Resources.


Note: Once activated, you must configure and/or assign the Resource to specific users, as described in Managing Resources (opens a new article).