Activating Resources

To activate a Resource:

  1. In either the Admin Console Catalog or Product Details screen, click the Add to Resources button for the Resource that you want to activate.

    The Add to Resources tab of the Product Details screen appears (see The Add to Resources Tab opens a new article).

  1. Click the Add Organization(s) button.

    The My Organization popup appears with a list of the Organization(s) and sub-organization(s) for which you can activate the Resource.

    In this list:
    • Organization(s) that are eligible to have this Resources appear in normal text with a checkbox next to them.
    • Organization(s) that already have the current Resource activated are grayed out.
    • Organization(s) with Standard subscriptions that have already activated five (5) non-free Resources appear grayed out with a red barred circle next to them.

Note: If needed, you may deactivate an existing Resource from an Organization with a Standard subscription in order to activate the current Resource. See Deleting Resources (opens a new article) .
  1. Check the checkbox(es) for the Organization(s) for which you want to activate the Resource.
  1. Click the Submit button to return to the Add to Resources tab of the Product Details screen.
  1. Check the checkbox to acknowledge the terms and conditions for the Resource, and then click the Add to Resources button.

The product will now be visible in the Services section of the Passport Configuration screen for the selected Organization(s), where you can then configure and assign it as needed. See The Passport Configuration Screen (opens a new article).