Certain SSO connectors use username and password to authenticate a user in third party service. When a user attempts to SSO for the first time, system will prompt a user to enter existing credentials.  School Administrator can upload a csv file with third party service credentials. The format of the CSV file is as follows:


Header Name

Is it required?




Identifier of school (normally corresponds to identifier in SIS) for a user account. If the value of school is not provided then the process will search in the organization that is selected in CSV upload view and in its sub organizations..



SIS ID of the user account.



Username of the user account



Unique identifier of a third party service. Refer to the list provided in the template file (available for download from CSV upload view). Identifier of application can be copied from URL in Capture Credentials view (see ** below)



The username in third party service that should be used for SSO



The password in third party service that should be used  for SSO

A User can be resolved by either User_Id or Username. At least one value must be provided. IF both values are provided, User ID takes precedence over the value of username

** If you cannot find Identifier of the service (Application_Id)  in the provided CSV template, then Identifier of application can be copied from the URL in Capture Credentials view:

1. Login to SchoolMessenger Passport

2. Click on the icon that represent a third party service

3. User address bar of the browser and copy text after "application="


To Upload credentials for third party service:

1. Select “Organization” from drop down list

2. Select “Application Credentials” in Data Model drop down list

3. Download a template of the csv file and populate it with data

4. Select app_credentials.csv file to upload

5. Click Validate and Upload button