The purpose of “Data Sync” module is to facilitate administration of API-based data synchronization between Passport and external systems. The main features include:

- configuration of  connectivity with external data source

- definition of “sources” and “destination” for data synchronization

- support for one-way and bi-directional data sync

- ability to designate entities (data objects) that should be included in data sync

- attributes mapping between source and destination systems

- ability to define data transformation rules

- UI for scheduling data synchronization and ability to manually invoke the process

- availability of history of data synchronization

- reconciliation of data coming from different external data sources

- ability to detect and manage duplicate entities

Configuration of Data Sync

To configure Data Sync integration:

  1. Choose Organization and select a type of data source from the drop down panel under “+New” and fill out applicable configuration settings.
  2. Use Integrations tab to set up a type of integration: ImportExport or Sync (bi-directional data synchronization) and define a Source and a Target for data sync.

Integrations tab contain the following data for existing Integration:: TypeNameSourceTargetStateLast Run and ability to launch data sync or edit, delete configuration.

Passport will serve either as Source or Target for any data integration.

  1. Use Add Task to select what types of objects (e.g. School, Student, Teacher, Guardian, Section, Enrollment), from the supported by the chosen type of Data Sync, to be synchronized.
  2. Setup Schedule to establish regular execution of data sync by Week / Day / Hour

Duplicate accounts resolution

Data Sync allows to detect and resolve duplicate accounts. Domains of uniqueness, which is a nominated set of user attributes, is used to allow detecting duplicates. Multiple domain of uniqueness can be configured and set up in priority order.. Each domain of uniqueness comes is flagged either for unattended or manual duplicate resolution.

If domain of uniqueness is flagged for unattended duplicate resolution then two accounts get merged if values of attribute defined by the respective domain of uniqueness are the same.

On the contrary, if domain of If domain of uniqueness is flagged for manual duplicate resolution, then duplicate accounts should be resolved from UI of Admin Console. One of the accounts to be nominated as primary. Information from fields of the second account can be added to the primary to fill in missing or update existing values. The primary account can be saved and the secondary one can be deleted, ignored or created as new.

Delete the account will remove the account from the system but account can be recreated during the next data sync. Ignore the account means that respective system account is marked as redundant and will not be counted by data sync process. Create as new means that the secondary account is not a duplicate and should be treated as a separate with respect to primary account.

PowerSchool Data Source configuration

PowerSchool Plugin should be deployed into PowerSchool to allow data sync between Passport and PowerSchool.  Detailed instructions are provided in PowerSchool Data Sync Configuration screen.

Configuration  of data sync with PowerSchool has additional step where Organizations  of PowerSchool are mapped to Organizations of Passport

Important note:

Data Sync with PowerSchool will not update Username and Password of the Student account in PowerSchool. Student’s enrollment into School is also immutable and can be established only at the time of provision of a new Student account in PowerSchool. Other attributes of Student account and all attributes of Parent account can be both created and updated in PowerSchool.

xPress Roster compliant Data Source configuration

The following fields must be provided to configure data sync for xPress Roster compliant data provider:

  • Name
  • Service Base URL
  • API Key
  • OAuth Token URL
  • OAuth Client ID
  • Oauth Client Secret

  • Username
  • Password